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Vacation in Sterzing, South Tyrol: Advantages of Apartments over Hotels

When planning a vacation in South Tyrol, one must first decide where to stay: in a hotel or an apartment? Here are some advantages that speak for apartments.

  1. More freedom and privacy - In an apartment, you have more freedom and privacy than in a hotel. You can spread out in your own space and do not have to follow the hotel rules. You can also cook for yourself and do not always have to eat out.

  2. More space - Apartments usually offer more space than hotel rooms. This is particularly important when traveling with family or friends. Everyone has their own space and you do not have to be in close quarters.

  3. Better location - Apartments are often located in more central locations than hotels. You can quickly get to restaurants, shops, and sights and are not dependent on public transport.

  4. More flexibility - In an apartment, you can come and go as you please. There are no fixed times for breakfast or room cleaning. You can design your vacation according to your wishes.

  5. More comfort - An apartment is usually equipped with a kitchen, a living area, and a separate bedroom. This offers more comfort than a hotel room, where you often only have a bed and a bathroom.

Overall, there are many good reasons to choose an apartment instead of a hotel. Especially in Sterzing, South Tyrol, where there are many beautiful apartments, it is worth considering this option.

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